DUI Attorneys and Inside Information

Discussing Options for Handling DUI with a Drunk Driving Attorney

People often believe there are only two options when handling a DUI: to take a plea or go to trial. A good DUI attorney will be able to discuss all of the local options as well. For example, many counties have received funding for specialized DUI programs. Entering a DUI diversion program and successfully completing the drug or alcohol counseling can often lead to a reduced sentence or dismissal. If the attorney you are considering hiring is not familiar with local practices, they may not have adequate experience in handling DUI matters or negotiating with the prosecutor.

A drunk driving attorney will know the players involved in a DUI prosecution, from the local officer to the prosecutor to the judge. They can inform you as to whether this officer is qualified to administer field sobriety tests and whether he or she has ever been subject to any relevant disciplinary action in the past.

If the officer is not qualified, these are grounds for case dismissal or reduction. We also have a working relationship with the prosecutors that handle the DUI cases. Depending on local practices and the facts of your case, some prosecutors allow pleas to alternate charges such as “obstruction of roadway” in exchange for a higher fine and stiffer counseling, but the ability to preserve your driver’s license. A DUI attorney will know to ask for alternate plea options to protect your criminal history and driver’s license. The DUI attorney knows which arguments are likely to appeal and carry more weight with the prosecutor than someone representing him or herself.

DUI Attorney’s Importance in DUI Cases

When choosing a DUI Attorney to represent you, consider this: you wouldn’t want your dentist to give you open-heart surgery. The same theory applies when selecting a drunk driving attorney. A good DUI lawyer understands the overlap of principles used by law enforcement as well as trends in DUI law. Don’t compromise your DUI case or your future with someone who is less than qualified to understand your DUI defense. Find out the advantages a DUI lawyer in Charleston, SC can offer you and contact Harris & Huge today.