Federal Criminal Defense

Charleston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal law enforcement agents and prosecutors have untold amounts of money and manpower at their disposal while investigating allegations of criminal activity. By the time federal prosecutors finally charge someone, it is likely they have a very strong case. Additionally, a conviction of a federal crime can involve mandatory minimum prison sentences, giving prosecutors significant leverage.

For this reason and others, the minute you have reason to believe you are under investigation, your very next step should be to call a lawyer. The earlier a lawyer is involved in your case, the more options you will have, and the stronger your potential defense will be. Charleston federal criminal defense attorney Stephen Harris of Harris and Huge LLC has the experience you need to protect your rights.

Mount Pleasant White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

Much of our firm’s federal criminal defense practice involves white collar crimes, such as fraud, tax evasion, failure to file a tax return, and other issues. White collar prosecutions frequently involve large amounts of documentation as evidence. Stephen, having represented many clients facing white collar allegations, knows what to look for when reviewing the evidence in your case. If there are inconsistencies or weaknesses in this evidence, you can be certain he will find them.

In addition to our white collar practice, our law firm defends people accused of federal drug crimes, including synthetic marijuana offenses. Stephen will look closely at every piece of evidence in order to determine how to best defend you. If there are flaws in the government’s evidence against you, he will use these flaws to your advantage. If the evidence in your case is strong, Stephen will determine if cooperation with the government could lead to a favorable outcome, including possible dismissal of your charges. The lawyer you choose can have a major impact in the way your case is resolved, so choose wisely. Choose Stephen Harris of Harris and Huge LLC.


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When you or your loved one is accused of a crime in South Carolina, there is a terrible reality that jail time may be present. Harris & Huge can provide you or your loved one an attorney who can negotiate with solicitors, arrange for a reduction in charge, a lesser sentencing, or possibly, a dismissal.

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