Advantages of Hiring a DUI Attorney

Posted On:  July 10, 2015

The greatest advantage to hiring a Harris & Huge LLC drunk driving attorney is that they understand the rules and consequences of a DUI arrest. Some penalties of being arrested for a DUI are losing your license, paying a huge fine, jail time, and/or getting a permanent mark on your record. These consequences are a big deal and are very serious. You are not going to be able to represent yourself well enough without the professional and expert help. Here, at Harris & Huge LLC recommend hiring a reliable attorney in DUI law who can offer that relief.

Our attorneys regularly practice DUI law. They will know the pertinent law, the defenses, the local prosecutors, and your specific DUI case options for your jurisdiction.

By hiring an attorney you are automatically put in a better position. They will present your case in the most advantageous manner in order to reduce your sentencing. In some cases, they can even have your DUI charge dismissed entirely.

Even a misdemeanor drunk driving conviction can have more impression on your life and record than some lower level felony offenses by way of mandatory jail sentences and lengthy driver’s license deferments, so it is imperative that you take measures to minimize the impact of a DUI on your life.

  • KNOWLEDGE – A good drunk driving attorney knows the important legal rules and standards (and local court customs and procedures)
  • If you are thinking of a family law attorney: they can draft pleadings, they may NOT be up on the latest requirements for blood draws, field sobriety tests, breath tests, or sobriety check points.
  • COST – A lesser hit to your pocketbook because the attorney is up to speed on the substantive law applicable to your case and what evidence to look for.
  • They can present your case to the state motor vehicle department/bureau on any license suspension hearings. They will know what defenses carry weight, and which do not, and can present your case more effectively and persuasively than you.

Have you or someone you know received a DUI? Contact a Charleston DUI Lawyer at Harris & Huge.

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When you or your loved one is accused of a crime in South Carolina, there is a terrible reality that jail time may be present. Harris & Huge can provide you or your loved one an attorney who can negotiate with solicitors, arrange for a reduction in charge, a lesser sentencing, or possibly, a dismissal.

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